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Who is Supriya Roy

Supriya was immigrated to Australia with her birth family at 12.

After a decade in a soul sucking corporate career, she turned toward a spiritual calling and started her very first business helping people improve their health with holistic mind body medicine.

In the last fifteen years she has served countless clients inside her signature programs and has helped hundreds of students go from complete beginners to proficient wellness service providers with certification courses. And in recent years her professional journey took a sharp turn toward coaching wellness professionals align to their vision, personal energy and plan their holistic services business and marketing.

And so with sixteen years of technical and entrepreneurial experience Supriya opened her second business SR Coaching & Consulting by aligning with her constitution, strengths, expertise and good will in business and marketing to guide the new generation of emerging holistic entrepreneurs.

Supriya's mission is to help a million women break cycles of oppression and poverty by 2050 through her podcasts, courses and in person efforts. The intention is to offer a specialized place where Holistic Entrepreneurs can go for world class education, support and coaching for personal and business mastery.

SR Coaching & Consulting aims to provide a sacred space where the holistic entrepreneur's challenges are heard and their efforts, passions and uniqueness are celebrated, within a community to make lifelong friends that uplift and reflect each other's values and greatness.

The vocational education and training industry leaders have acknowledged Supriya as a trusted trainer and leader as an Ayurveda Practitioner, Senior Yoga Teacher, Course Creator, Speaker, Author, and Coach with extensive knowledge and experience to impart to the coming generations.

And when Supriya isn't working she is either writing, reading, trying to kick harder in the water, playing with her nieces and nephew or having an adventure to recharge herself.

©2023 – Supriya Roy | All Right Reserved

©2023 – Supriya Roy | All Right Reserved